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SORRY SIN by thief6 SORRY SIN by thief6
just want to give a try on the halloween section.
haven't uploaded anything cause of work. been studying bryce and i think there's a lot to learn.

hope you like this, thanks and happy halloween. :
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mnemosa Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2002
this is great. i mean awesome. i love looks so old.. and's almost creepy.
higgs Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2002
very sinister, insane work!
lmorningstar Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2002
That's about all I can say. Love I'm too stunned at the moment. *stares in awe*

Ah, at siyempre +fave, diba? :D (Big Grin)
perkan Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2002  Professional Traditional Artist
I just love the Chtulhu feeling in this pic. Beautiful(yes, I mean beautiful)!
jesusbite Featured By Owner May 11, 2002
Im drooling with joy and awe.
spartan-xfer Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2002
creepy... *continues to search his gallery*
corporatewhore Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2002
wow i love how its like little snapshots and the whole friggin tone of this piece is amazing.. this is real grunge without the brushes.
night-mischief Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2002
-gags and faints-
nostrom Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2001   Photographer

this is just distgusting me :>
but that's the cool thing on this pic!
codex Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2001
very cool. spooky,scary,grunge owns!

thec Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2001

....Like it....Have no idea why......?
...Just like it....................
[ Psychotic Schlook Out Psychotic ]
hermelin Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2001
Hmm seems to be down.

Frog the King will bite your toe whahahahahah Frog
cype Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2001
now that is some scary shit.

Im just different.
spacejazz Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2001
oh sh!t T6... I think you've just given the World reason to rethink the spelling of halloween to a more natural, hell-o-ween -- seriously!

Love it.

:: the future has already begun ::
tha-danja Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2001

weird but cool, good color.
sakura Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2001   Interface Designer

*runs into the distance*

me likes

me neeps more sleep
jigit Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2001

You sick bastard. Excellent composition.
mike45 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2001
Very very nice imput on the contest. Keep up your great work!

Mike Schmitt
vm Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2001
Pretty nice and original. Very good idea...well executed.
my only problem with this is the green hues in the middle, I think they should be the same brown as the rest of the image.

good job

- Pascal
acmax Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2001
Very very looking through an old photo album of one very disturbed family. Love the textures and the colors of the piece, it creates an unsetlling mood. The two photos on the right are the scariest. Great job!
tekkdevil Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2001

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archnemesis Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2001
Bah, everyone else has already given this sucka enuff praise Thief, and it deserves all of it. I love the composition, texturing and the whole atmosphere tha it creates.

Great work man, and good luck in the contest! =D (Big Grin)

Moo Moo ||D.V.S|| Moo Moo
mage Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2001
Ah man, I just knew you'd submit something right near the deadline and put all the rest of us out of the running ;) (Wink) Awesome job.

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IzaLoozer Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2001  Hobbyist General Artist
This is a wonderful piece... I personally don't think it was that hard to age though because most of these pictures seem very old anyway... You layered and blended them almost perfectly(Because nothing is perfect)... One thing does bother me a little though...... What do these images have to do with sin? I don't mean any offence by asking this, please don't be offended... Good luck in the contest. . .

Stay Deviant!!!

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antisleeper Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2001
do u go on by any chance. my mate goes on it. it's sick. he has that bullet in the head pic as a wallpaper ARGh

good picture by the way. not that i expect anyhting less from u theif6.

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hextr1p Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2001
Amazing... it's great to see something that looks like it's just haphazardly tossed onto a table hold within its structure something as nice as this layout is. Everything just flows together, from the gritty feel, to the old photos, to the jagged handwriting, to the overall texture both visual and emotional. There is just so much working here from a visual standpoint, whether or not you intended it to happen. From the framing of the photos, to the images pointing the eye inward, to the tone of the overall pic diffusing the eye to allow it to roam about all you have hidden within. What I especially like is the central image... with the 'skull people' behind the embalmists... that is just crazy stuff right there. And don't even get me started on the circus freak and coroner photo... *shudder* I haven't seen too many photo manips from you, but after seeing this, I do hope to see more. Wonderful work, and if this doesn't win, that in itself will be scary... check it, I like this so much, I left a grade! Heh...

gottmacher Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2001
Damnbit, how are people like me supposed to win when going up againt people like Theif?! :) (Smile)

Great work... really really amazing. Love the photographs and coloring, and the lighting is wonderful. I'm also a sucker for anything handwritten being scanned and added in haphazardly... beautiful stuff. id=91833

-Transmission terminated-
zert-one Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2001

This looks................................... Sick!
A Pony-Boy on the left, skulls,animals,weird people on the front. Good use of pictures and that yellow stuffs included makes it really creepy! I like it! Keep using those skillZ.....ERT-ONE.....
vizionier Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2001
Whoa, this is aranged like, perfectly. Everything looks awesome, and the name rocks too.

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thief6 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2001
thanks for the comments, deviants!
always appreciate it! :D (Big Grin)

wisekracker Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2001
The way you changed the photos looks really cool, but the pictures are disturbing as shit!! This thing truely creeps me out! Great job.

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brazensix Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2001
Wow man, that's really awesome. The dark grungy feeling is pulled off so nicely. Especially with the ages and weathered look of those photos. Wonderful work.

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necron Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2001
Damn, this has to be one of the top entries i have seen for this contest! Awesome photomanipulation, the bleding technique is one of the best i have seen.

Awesome photography and use of elements, giving it a morbid and horrible look (horrible in a good way).

I really hope that you win this contest, cause this entry deserves it!

Great work!

____// necron
pierre Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2001  Professional Interface Designer
aarrgh! I knew it, I knew you would join.

bah. It's game over for me now :( (Sad)
you win!

Awesome job!

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o-doyle Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2001
I agree with idlejam, this is set out very nicley... i like the aging effects you gave this... very nice indeed!


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idlejam Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2001
omg this is sooo elite.. :O (Eek) i like how its setup and everything !!!!! i want this to win badly :D (Big Grin)
its sort a like a sppoky book a pics u find in an old house haha,. i like th old feel to this.

-'. idlejam
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